Frequently Asked Questions


Question #1 Why IoT Devices & Products?

  The Internet of Things is transforming every corner of life: the home, the office, factories , city streets and beyond. IoT products give us greater control over health and  security  devices , consumer  appliances; offer insights into resource consumption habits; streamline business processes; and better connect us to the people, systems and environments that shape our daily lives.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for the best products to start building your connected life, or a business leader looking to take your company to the next level — We see ourselves as your  partner. We listen, understand and implement.  We’ve collected the best and most popular options the IoT has to offer, from smart home devices to enterprise platforms to the software and tools you need to build your own smart, connected products.



 We develop future-oriented technologies and embedded  software  solutions   for a wide spectrum of applications, that can be implemented in latest cars, control of your smart home , to  monitor  health status ,  to secure buildings or to ease processing documents  . We also develop solutions for e-commerce, for example with the help of artificial intelligence, to master problems and challenges. We teach machines to think and work at the pulse of time. In Conclusion,  we are your partner  if you need experts  in   cloud and  web engineering, data science , software development , IT consultancy , usability engineers and specialists in the field of smart technologies and agile software development 


Question #3: Our Locations

We are located in the heart of a  science and technology oasis   at Riyadh Valley of King Saud university.   

Working together  you can achieve more. That is why we cooperate with experienced partners who share the same quality standards. Together, we create additional value for our customers. Our ITEMIS  associates  are located  Germany , France and Tunisia